Kaneone is an untrustworthy, back stabbing faggot in my opinion, and here are a few reasons why.

    People have been asking me, "Why don't you and Kaneone get along?"... It all started a long long time ago... back when I was filming the original Vegas Knights video. This gets complex so I'll try to expound in detail.... In the beginning, the Vegas Knights video was going to star myself, Crazy Martin, Ryan Webber, and my best friend at the time; Dale Jakachunas. (At this point in time Kane didn't even have a bike.) The four of us would film and ride all the time and things were looking good. I had already started my site, Bendoe.com, on which, I had a few video clips and a trailer for the video we were making, then called "High Rollers", to keep with the Las Vegas theme. Then one day, I was approached by Pauly of the Las Vegas Extremes. He asked me who was going to distribute the video. "Well, I was thinking about using X-factor" I replied. Pauly went to work convincing me to join forces with him on the Vegas Knights video, telling me how bad x-factor had screwed him over and how I should go with someone who I could count on.... Also Pauly and Jojo would have a few segments in the video to "help drive sales". This also meant that Pauly would get a fee for being in the video its self. "You (me/Ben) would be getting a smaller piece of a much bigger pie." Pauly said. I made sense to me, so sure, why not? A few weeks later, contracts were signed and Pauly had exclusive distribution rights for the film once completed. Next thing you know I'm on the road with Pauly and Jojo doing stunt shows, superbike races, and motorcycle conventions. Things had been going well I thought. The only thing that bothered me was being away from my girlfriend of two years (at that point in time) Jen/Jendoe. Up until the whole video idea came up our relationship was rock solid. At least I thought so...

    I met Kane (not yet "Kanone" in 2001 at our local stunt spot. My first impression was; wow, what a cool kid. He seemed polite and eager to learn to wheelie his ZX6. So I befriended him. (think'n "us Kawi guys gotta stick together") Next thing you know he was doing wheelies and skitch'n. He wound up crashing the ZX6 and upgraded to an SRAD 750. His riding level improved more from there and we were riding together often so I figured, "what the heck", why not put him in the video...

    While at the 2002 "Big Kahuna" Superbike races @ Road Atlanta I get a voicemail. It was Jen, my live-in girlfriend of 2 years. (at that point) She was crying. My heart sunk as she explained how my house was broken in to. She came home to a broken window, 6 broken security cameras, and a cowering "Cleo", our dog, whimpering and terrified sitting in her own waste in the bathtub. I call her back and she gave me an inventory of things missing, mainly four brand new GRC pocketbikes, and some miscellaneous electronics. This weighed on my mind heavily during the remainder of the race weekend. The races were over and we (Pauly, Jojo, Ken Kelly, and myself) headed back to Las Vegas to investigate.

    We get back to my house where we all were living, (Talk about a full house...) and our investigation began. Pauly immediately thought that it was the kids in the neighborhood who had stolen the pocketbikes as they left too many things of higher value. My computers, all five, my big screen TV's, and 4 high-end stereo systems where all there with the exception of the rear surround speaker stands in the living room. That's odd that someone would leave so many of the more expensive items behind. So Pauly's hunch is what I went on...untill two months later that is... I found out from a friend who broke into my house! It was Dale, my best friend! his wife Francesca, and a guy who later became my friend whom I won't mention.

    Pretty cool right? That's not all though. Where was Jen during the robbery? At the house of my dear friend, Kaneone. Lovely, huh? Unfortunately I didn't find this out until much later. I also found out that they had been hanging out quite often. She'd tell me she was going to her girlfriend's house, when in fact; she would go to Kane's. (I guess he could pass for a girlfriend...) "Well Ben, you should be mad at Jen for be'n a ho", people have said this to me and I agree. The fact remains, if he wasn't a piece of shit he wouldn't have been do'n who knows what with his buddy's girl. Keep in mind I didn't find out about Jen and Kane till quite a while later.

    Originally I was going to use quite a bit more Kaneone footage than I did. That is, until I got the news that he was thrown in jail for steeling my friend's GSXR750. (who happened to be a cop) I couldn't believe it. The whole town was talking about how Kaneone, and a few others, were caught in a moving truck that Kane had rented. So I made the decision to take him out of the video completely. Why would I want to promote a known bike thief?? I stood by my decision until Jen (my girlfriend who he was mess'n with behind my back) approached me and told of his plight, and how he was so, so sorry for what he had done and how he made things right with the cop who owned the bike. On the business side I thought, "'Don't matter pal, what you did will reflect badly on the rest of us." But I wanted to believe that he had not done this of his own will and yeah, he did set things straight with the cop.... Foolishness gave way to forgiveness and I put his better shots back into the video but kept him off the cover as a few people said "What? you're gonna have bike thief on the cover of your video?". I guess him not being on the cover, for the whole four or five shots he had in the video, didn't sit right with him, and he would avenge my decision to take him off.


Back to the video...

    Here's the latest; after giving "Kaneone" (Kane Friesen) chance after chance, he continues to fuck me over. This was a pretty damn good one... Here it is pulled directly from Kaneone dot com:

**Click for larger image**

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Las Vegas Extremes : Vegas Knights


Fall of 2004 bring the re-releasing of this street extreme classic. With a new re-edit of the video, and a new vibrant box sleeve cover. designed by none other than our very own Kaneone. During his tour with the Las Vegas Extremes, Kane was hired by Paul Sherer to take his graphic design capabilities to the limit and redesign all 4 current Las Vegas Extremes titles. Vegas Knights being included. inside it is still basically the same great video its always been with various new edits and clips.


Alright, so I wasn't excited about the idea of changing the Vegas Knights sleeve I figured Pauly would LVXitize the thing a little more than it already was... still, I never imagined either of them would have gone to the extent in which they wrecked my video and box cover.

"Various new edits"??? HA! The only thing different is how the intro credits were "re-arranged" to say staring Pauly instead of Ben and the chop job at the end where they got rid of my name in the begging of the ending credits.

"Graphic design abilities to the limit"??? Yeah, they're limited alright.... Let's take a closer look at the two Vegas Knights Covers. The original, on top and the "Kane Version" beneath...

Wow that's a big picture of yourself Kane. 'Love how mine is the smallest on the box...

Screwed it up in the first sentence. "New GSXR"? Try F4i.

Gotta love how Vegas Knights is "a Paul Sherer Film" now...

What's with the stupid quote "There's Nothing Better Than Las Vegas at Night!!"????

Ohhh, and look at that, "Edited by HASBEN ELLINGHAM" that's really nice of ya, "old friend".

KANEONE, you're number one! You couldn't call it quits with my girl... You just had to go and deface my first video. Unreal. With all the things going right for you right now I'd much rather be cheering you on and giving ya a pat on the back. But with what you've said and done, it makes me sick just hearing your name...

- Ben "Bendoe" Ellingson/Hasben Ellingham
- www.Bendoe.com



Here's what Jim from Chrome unlimited had to say:

                                         FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!