The Las Vegas Extremes front man, Pauly Sherer, aka Paul Sussman is very likely the gayest motorcycle riding person named Pauly in the world. The ring leader of the Las Vegas Extremes; Pauly loves to take on very large cock, whenever he can get the chance. "I loved sucking off KaneOne on his pink GSXR so much, it remined me of when I was a kid!" boasts Pauly.

One thing Pauly knows is that Kane One loves to have large penises stuffed into his anus. This is especially true if the penis going up Kaneone's rectum happens to be black and hairy. "I like the hair is because I like to imagine my own penis buried in it... Kind of like a snake in the grass!" Kaneone yells. "I feel the same way!" yelped Pauly from behind KaneOne as he rammed him for four hours straight. Pauly stated how he missed D-mann aka Derek Daigle, and went on to compare D-mann's penis to Kanone's who's penis was a mere 3 inches long errect. "Truely, I really did have friends... when I was a kid. But then I grew up and realized; it's much more fun fucking people! - Pauly Sherer

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